The SSI SCHAEFER Organics Cart empowers municipalities with the latest in organics waste cart technology.

Sustainably made in California with 100% recyclable material, the SSI SCHAEFER Organics Cart is designed to securely hold food and yard waste. With an increasing number of states and cities imposing organic waste disposal laws, the SSI SCHAEFER Organics Cart makes it easy for residents to comply with new regulations. Made with durable high-density polyethylene, SSI SCHAEFER Organic Waste Carts are resistant to punctures and feature a water-tight leak-proof body to cut down on messes.

USD 35, 65, and 95 Organics Cart Specifications

USD 35USD 65USD 95
Total Height36.5"41.5"43.2"
Body Height36"39.1"40.7"
Wheel Diameter8"10" or 12"10" or 12"
Load Rating126 lbs.230 lbs.333 lbs.

*Multiple sizes available. Find color and marking information in the Organics Cart Brochure.

Features / Benefits


• Non-slip, textured finish on corners for grabber traction
• Injection molded for maximum strength and durability
• Made with 100% recyclable material
• Reinforced wall thickness in critical wear areas
• ExternalIy housed lift bar for water-tight leak-proof body
• Rotating retention bar for less stress on cart body
• Smooth interior for easy cleaning

Upper Attachment

• Reinforced upper attachment for semi-automated lifters
• Highly durable, injection-molded bar supports


• Solid lid axle with a robust 3-point attachment
• Overlapping lid design with moisture barrier lip
• Inside dripping rim to seal in odors
• 270” lid opening for easy collection
• Ergonomically designed hand grips for easy push and pull
• Two ergonomic lift handles for easy opening

Wheels, Axles, & Bottom

  • 3/4″ solid axle of tempered, rolled, and Zinc Chromate steel
  • Lubricated maintenance-free bearings
  • Angled bottom for easy tilting and roll movement
  • Dual 3/8“ wear strip for longer life

Want more information?

Download the Organics Cart Brochure!

Learn more about the Organics Cart, including additional features, color, and marking options.

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New Laws Lead to Increased Demand for Organic Waste Carts

Join us for a brief look at the conservation efforts, legislation, and benefits responsible for changing how many American cities and municipalities dispose of organic waste.


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