SSI SCHAEFER provides waste carts for municipalities along with single stream recycling carts for city governments and local townships.

Waste and recycling rollout carts for municipalities and local governments. Keeping neighborhoods and townships beautiful one cart at a time.

Sanitation collection does more than just provide environmental solutions for residents. Today, municipalities need to find sustainable solutions for waste collection, recycling, and even yard waste for communities across North America. Residents want and need a viable solution to help contain both trash and recycling materials. At SSI SCHAEFER, we manufacture the highest quality waste and recycling carts in a multitude of sizes from 35 gallon to 65 gallon all the way up to 95 gallon rollout carts. SSI SCHAEFER can provide both semi-automated and fully automated rollout carts for garbage trucks with either tipper or grabber technology.
automated trash pickup truck-back
Solid lid axle with a robust 3-point attachment
3/4" solid axle of tempered, rolled, and Zinc Chromate steel

Easy-to-use rollout waste carts that residents prefer and sanitation workers favor.

With SSI SCHAEFER waste collection carts, residents find the one-piece injection-molded HDPE body both durable and easy to roll. Plus, SSI SCHAEFER offers residents an easy to grab lid handle with both 65-gallon and 95-gallon models, which makes opening and closing the waste container a breeze.

Each cart comes standard with lubricated maintenance-free bearings for easy cart maneuvering.

Rolling out an SSI SCHAEFER cart program is easier than you think.

With SSI SCHAEFER, you get a team of industry waste experts. Our team of knowledgeable experts will help provide everything you need for a municipality waste cart program from city hall council meetings, to residential marketing, to assembly and distribution, and customer service once your program has launched. The SSI SCHAEFER team has launched thousands of waste and recycling cart programs for small communities and large metropolitan cities with everything in between. The SSI SCHAEFER team partners with you to determine the best rollout plan and guides your team of sanitation experts through the best practices from thousands of successful rollouts.
Assembly & Distribution
Waste cart options like in-mold labeling (IML) enable easy-to-follow instructions for residents.

A sustainable waste and recycling carts option for communities going green.

Proving a sustainable option for disposal is key when rolling out a new program or updating residents with new cart options. SSI SCHAEFER manufactures carts with 100% recyclable material, so your city can do its part for the environment. Furthermore, SSI SCHAEFER offers municipalities buyback programs for carts that are no longer in service. Those carts are then recycled for future products.

Single stream recycling carts also have options for in-mold labeling. This enables easy-to-read instructions on do’s and don’ts for your recycling program.