Both Fritz and Gerhard Schäfer created a legacy of opportunity, innovation, and family that still persists in our company today.

That legacy is key to our success! With a history of manufacturing excellence, Schäfer is a name you can trust. As we continue towards the future, our new campaign embraces the legacy we’ve established and asks the Schäfer family what that means to them.

So what is the SCHAEFER Legacy?

To some, it’s an opportunity for a rewarding career, while others see it as pride in a product you can count on. No matter what inspires our team, the SCHAEFER legacy is one that will continue to help drive our success for years to come.

The SCHAEFER team premiered the Our Legacy Is video at Waste Expo 2018, and we’re excited to release it on our website and social media, as well!

The SCHAEFER Legacy Is

In order to make the SCHAEFER Legacy video, we interviewed different members of the SCHAEFER waste family, including team members from our manufacturing floor all the way to our sales managers. The goal was to get a wide perception from the company, not just a top-down or singular perspective.

It makes us proud to show that SCHAEFER is a great place to work, and that the legacy of excellence continues.

What Makes a SCHAEFER Cart Stand Out?

At SCHAEFER, every residential waste and recycling cart comes with a 10-year warranty. That’s because we use an injection molding process, which means you’ll get consistent quality in every product, no matter what. SCHAEFER carts come meet ISO-9001 standards and ANSI requirements. SCHAEFER is known in the industry for on-time deliveries and following through on guaranteed commitments, which speaks to our manufacturing experts and capabilities.

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