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FILA IFAT 2018 Member Wrap-Up on Networking Event

SCHAEFER WASTE SPONSORS FILA IFAT 2018 TRIP SSI SCHAEFER sponsored the NWRA Future Industry Leaders Alliance (FILA) association members to Germany to gain new perspectives …

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SSI SCHAEFER Sponsors NWRA FILA Group to Exchange Ideas with BDE-Junior Association

This spring brings about new education opportunities for NWRA FILA members. SCHAEFER is sponsoring members of the NWRA FILA Association to meet with the group’s …

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What the California Assembly Bill No. 1826 Means for Your Business

According to CalRecycle, Californians dispose of 30 million tons of waste each year.

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Baltimore to Pay $9 Million to Buy 210,000 “Smart” Garbage Cans for Residents

A North Carolina company has been selected to supply the trash cans. Approval of the contract is expected at tomorrow’s Board of Estimates meeting. November …

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