SSI SCHAEFER sponsored the NWRA Future Industry Leaders Alliance (FILA) association members to Germany to gain new perspectives and to share insights about the waste and recycling industry with their German counterpart, the BDE Junior Association.

In 2008, NWRA formed FILA to grow future leaders in the waste and recycling industry with mentoring, education, and networking. Now having approximately 70 members, FILA hosts an annual education and leadership summit focused on everything from professional development to community service.

When we caught up with FILA members, it was clear that the endeavor was a huge success. They were impressed by the welcoming attitude of the BDE Junior Association, as well as their excitement for the opportunity, as well.

“The BDE Junior Association members were extremely welcoming. It showed quickly, through their hospitality and frontend work in planning tours and activities, that they were just as excited about this opportunity as we were,” said Brett Belda, FILA Member-at-Large.

“It was obvious that what started as a formal business relationship and educational session soon led to the beginning building great relationships that can carry on into the future,” said Zach Martin, FILA Co-chair.

Both teams embarked on a tour of REMONDIS, where they were able to see how far ahead the European waste and recycling industry is. With closed-loop processes and consumer education pushing them forward, the FILA members had plenty to absorb as far as future trends to advocate for in the United States.

As they attended IFAT 2018, the FILA members were excited to see the technology and innovation present at the show. Combined with the cutting edge waste trends present in Germany’s waste industry, the FILA members can craft a vision of efficiency, organization, and environmental understanding to challenge the status quo.