SSI SCHAEFER can provide a cart maintenance and work order management plan for the duration of a service agreement. Our cart maintenance solutions cover all aspects of the daily, weekly, and monthly demands.

At SSI SCHAEFER, our team manages a residential cart throughout the entirety of its life cycle. This includes, but is not limited to, traveling to new addresses to deliver carts, traveling to individual locations to repair or replace carts, and retrieving lost carts. If the cart body is damaged to the degree that replacement is not possible, SSI SCHAEFER will collect the damaged cart and replace it at the residence with another cart. From there, the SSI SCHAEFER cart maintenance manages the warranty process for you.

Assembly & Distribution


When looking to upgrade your existing waste and recycling carts, SSI SCHAEFER will pick up and recycle existing residential solid waste or recycling carts and cans (metal or plastic) in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.