Schaefer Plastics does more than manufacturer great quality carts.

Our team of waste experts provides a variety of services to meet your waste management needs.

If you’re starting a new program, extending an existing one, or rolling out a new service, SSI SCHAEFER offers everything you need for success.

Let SSI SCHAEFER do the heavy lifting and save you time and work!

When you choose SSI SCHAEFER, you get a complete full-service partner. Our industry experts have decades of industry experience to help you plan, implement, and support your program post-deployment. At SSI SCHAEFER, we build successful partnerships and deliver on commitments.

Waste Cart Assembly & Distribution
Waste Cart Distribution


Let our assembly and distribution crews make your life easier. Our team will unload, build, and deliver carts to directly to resident homes. SSI SCHAEFER provides daily updates of completion progress so you always know where your project stands. The assembly and distribution services available include:


Inception of project opportunity, where we give recommendations, begin fact finding, and start work on an initial project checklist.


Opportunity is realized, and SSI SCHAEFER intensifies fact finding, research, planning, and calculating the most competitive cost pro-forma.


During project execution, our team works the plan, makes adjustments as needed, identifies potential issues in advance, and communicates regularly.


During post deployment, SSI SCHAEFER provides solutions and support to ensure a smooth service collection transition.