This spring brings about new education opportunities for NWRA FILA members.

SCHAEFER is sponsoring members of the NWRA FILA Association to meet with the group’s German counterpart, BDE Junior Association during IFAT 2018.

This year, the annual National Waste & Recycling Association’s Future Industry Leaders Alliance (FILA) is meeting in Germany instead of the United States. In order to make this happen, Schaefer presented the opportunity to bring the FILA board and its members to Iserlohn, Germany in an effort to exchange ideas and collaborate on current waste industry matters. IFAT 2018 was the perfect venue to bring the two groups together in this joint collaboration effort.

FILA provides education, networking, and mentoring to future leaders within the waste industry and prepares them for executive advancement. This year’s meetings allow each industry group to discuss present matters as well as future possibilities in an effort to make a real difference within the industry.  Both groups received tours of a waste-to-energy incineration plant, a packaging sorting facility, and attended several presentations by industry leaders. Dr. Armin Vogel, Head of Waste & Packaging for SSI SCHAEFER spoke on the digitalization of waste and what the industry can do to improve its own technology.