Communities that work towards beautification enjoy the ease of rollout waste and recycling carts on trash days.

Ergonomic Features for Rollout Waste Carts that Homeowners Love

SCHAEFER carts come with two durable handles on the lid for easy opening and closing. This feature ensures homeowners can easily pick up the lid to place garbage inside without fear of lids automatically shutting.

Plus, SCHAEFER waste cart lids come standard with a solid lid axle 3-point attachment to ensure a long life cycle. Each lid overlaps for rain protection and an inside drip rim to seal in odors.

SCHAEFER rollout carts are built to withstand storms, automatic grabbers, and even wildlife. A lubricated maintenance-free wheel bearing ensures a smooth roll during push and pull motions. An angled bottom makes each cart easy to tilt during rolling movement.


Be the Envy of All Communities and Customize Your Neighborhood Waste and Recycling Cart

Just like every neighborhood is different, HOAs set a standard within the community to ensure cleanliness and that all covenants are met. SCHAEFER waste and recycling carts not only eliminates free flowing trash but adds uniformity to every community.

Choose from an array of standard colors and community logos and names can easily be hot stamped for recognition. Furthermore, custom in-mold labels with instructions for recycling materials or other important information can be displayed on the lid—even in various languages.

This ensures that even newcomers know what day trash collection happens or what does or doesn’t recycle. Waste management companies will typically have different instructions for what can and isn’t suited for pick-up.

Wildlife Carts Available for Rural Developments

Not all neighborhoods come with street lamps. Planned communities are popping up in rural areas near lakes, mountain towns, and even remote villages. These neighborhoods offer beauty and the great outdoors but come a special set of circumstances for trash collection.

For these nature-inspired communities, SCHAEFER offers a rugged wildlife cart that prevents wildlife from ruffling through the garbage. With a wildlife-resistant lock and a durable one-piece injected-molded body, wildlife may tumble or roll your cart, but your trash stays inside.

wildlife resistant cart with raccoons
10 Year Warranty

Enjoy Long Life Cycle and a Guarantee

All SCHAEFER HOA waste carts come standard with a guarantee of 10 years. In addition, SCHAEFER is proudly made in the U.S.A. and is made with 100% recyclable material. So, HOA committees can feel good about making the right choice for their community.