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SSI SCHAEFER Introduces the Latest in Sustainable Waste Products with an Organics Cart

CHARLOTTE, NC, June 24, 2021 – Today, Schaefer Systems International, Inc., a leading manufacturer of refuse and recycling rollout carts as well as software technology, announced the release of an all-new Organics Cart for municipalities looking to compost or produce sustainable electricity via anaerobic digestors.

As SSI SCHAEFER moves towards a more sustainable future through innovation, resources are being dedicated to creating products that do the same. “The Organics Cart is truly meeting a need for municipalities looking to compost and provide waste for power gen solutions that meet both regulatory and new sustainability efforts,” said Brett Belda, vice president of waste technology division for SSI SCHAEFER.

“The Organics Cart is another way that we’re meeting the market with innovative products that work for today and tomorrow waste initiatives,” continues Belda.

The new 35-gallon (35Q) Organics Cart is manufactured with 100% recyclable material, integrating both curbside post-consumer recycled content (PCR) and post-industrial recycled content (PIR). Production is scheduled to start this July in Lodi, California. The design encompasses a smooth, watertight one-piece body for easy cleaning and leak-proof functionality, which is needed for organics collection. The cart comes standard with an externally housed lift bar, 3-point lid attachment, non-slip textured finish on corners for grabber traction, an integrated reinforced upper attachment for semi-automated lifters and is RFID, in-mold label (IML) and gravity lock-ready. With a focus on sustainability, this 35Q boasts roughly a 40% freight efficiency increase, thus reducing the transportation carbon footprint. For end-users, the 35Q design incorporates two ergonomic lift handles that make it easy to open and close the lid for easy disposal of organic items, and a widened wheelbase for ease of rolling.

As more anaerobic digestion facilities come online, the organics waste collection will grow. More states are implementing laws banning food disposal. Food scrap collection is starting to happen and in several states. According to the American Biogas Council, there are 66 stand-alone digesters for food waste. For comparison, Europe has over 10,000.  

About Schaefer Systems International, Inc.:

SSI SCHAEFER provides waste and recycling carts, as well as waste technology solutions throughout North America. SSI SCHAEFER has an outstanding reputation within the waste industry as the quality leader of injection-molded carts and guarantees on, time delivery. Products and services provided by SSI SCHAEFER include RFID-enabled carts, assembly and distribution, GPS location, revenue audits, real-time reporting, inventory management, and consulting. SSI SCHAEFER is part of the Schaefer Systems International, Inc. with operations in over 70 countries and more than 10,000 employees. For more information, contact