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Campus Recycling 101:
Universities Adopt Sustainable Recycling Strategies

With Gen Z emerging as the most eco-conscious generation to date, sustainability and recycling programs on campus are more important than ever. Learn more about the most effective university recycling programs in the country – and find out how to start your own!

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New Laws Lead to Increased Demand for Organic Waste Carts

More waste and recycling technology companies are rolling out new carts for organic waste, including the new Organics Cart from SSI SCHAEFER. Join us for a brief look at the conservation efforts, legislation, and benefits responsible for changing how many American cities and municipalities dispose of organic waste. 

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SSI SCHAEFER Introduces the Latest in Sustainable Waste Products with an Organics Cart

SSI SCHAEFER Introduces the Latest in Sustainable Waste Products with an Organics Cart

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WasteExpo 2019

Waste Expo 2021

Didn’t get a chance to visit us at Waste Expo 2021? No worries. Reach out anytime for information on waste technology solutions.

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Recycling 101: Recent Trends, Guidelines, and Tips

With the recycling movement suffering due to the pandemic, revisit the basics of why recycling is important. Learn about guidelines, trends, and myths to make informed decisions about the materials in your recycling bin.

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Waste Cart Assembly & Distribution

Challenges for Cities without Waste Automation

Cities that collect waste and recycling manually face many safety and cost challenges. With key information from industry expert Don Isabella, this article not only defines …

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A Crash Course on City Beautification

Learn about the events, organizations, and waste technology involved in city beautification efforts across the country – past and present.

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Waste Cart Buyer’s Guide

Find the right rolling waste cart for your customers. Whether you call them waste carts, trash cans, rolling carts, or waste bins, every residential community …

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Waste cart options like in-mold labeling (IML) enable easy-to-follow instructions for residents.

IML: In-Mold Labels

In-mold decorating is a process for producing in-mold labels and graphics within a plastic enclosure. The plastic injection mold is then sealed, and plastic resin …

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automated trash pickup truck-back

Improve Worker Safety with Automated Waste Collection

Every employee deserves the opportunity to perform his or her job in a safe and healthy environment. The front line workers within the waste and recycling industry know the safety and physical challenges of their occupation, particularly those working residential curbside collection routes.

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