At SSI SCHAEFER, you’ll find quality in every waste product we manufacture.

Every residential waste and recycling cart comes with a 10-year warranty.

SSI SCHAEFER utilizes injection molding process, which means that you’ll get the same consistent quality and exact product every time.

Each product is specifically tested for quality assurance—meeting ISO-9001 standards and ANSI requirements. The SSI SCHAEFER team of waste experts designs each product to perform ergonomically with very little effort for homeowners, while exceeding quality and longevity expectations.

Our manufacturing facilities located in Charlotte, NC and Lodi, CA, SSI SCHAEFER. SSI SCHAEFER prides itself with on-time deliveries and following through on guaranteed commitments, which speaks to our manufacturing experts and capabilities.

10 Year Warranty

Testing manufacturing processes

Drop Tests

Drop tests are performed with a 250lb load dropped from a height of 13ft. Carts are cooled to a temperature of -22° F (-30° C) prior to dropping.

Wheel Gear Test

The wheel gear of a container filled with over 300 lbs is run continuously for 24 hours on a special rig. This is equivalent to a running distance of approximately 60 miles.

Ball Impact Test

A 10 lb steel cylinder drops multiple times at -4°F from a height of 3 ft via a cylindrical guide precisely on edges, hinges and other delicate points on the container.

Curb / Step Travel Test

A container filled with over 300 lbs impacts 1,000 times, from a height of 7 inches on to a level, rigid surface. This means that the running gear sustains repeated blows on the wheels and axles.

Wetting Agent Bath Test

To check for the formation of cracks due to tensions, the containers are submerged in a wetting agent bath (volume proportion of 2-3%) for a test duration of 48 hours at approximately 150°F.

Heated Storage

The containers are stored upright and without load in a convection oven at approximately 190°F for 3 days. The dimensional changes which occur due to the heated storage must be no more than plus 1.5% and must remain within the tolerances specified for the container.


In the manufacturing of carts we source raw materials from reputable suppliers that produce resin meeting the highest quality standards. We combine this high quality virgin resin with post- consumer recycled plastic during manufacturing. SSI SCHAEFER is committed to manufacturing quality carts that are durable, 100% recyclable and meet our commitment to protecting the environment.