In-mold decorating is a process for producing in-mold labels and graphics within a plastic enclosure.

The plastic injection mold is then sealed, and plastic resin is then injected to mold the part, which encapsulates the decoration, or label, permanently within the finished injection molded part.

When you are looking for a concise, direct and effective means of getting a message across, In-Mold Labels (IML) are a fantastic way for your company to accomplish this difficult task. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words? Through In-Mold Graphics, you can convey proper messaging and guidance, overcome language barriers, and create interactive participation within your service communities.

With and IML your company can list specific or similar items to be deposited into a container as well as what should not be deposited into your service contianers. Thus, assuring community participation in recycling or organic programs and limiting cross contamination of these commodity streams. In-Mold Labels can incorporate specific verbiage and guidelines and can become interactive through QR Codes and web site URLs.

In-Mold Label longevity is second to none – unlike stickers, In-Mold Labels do not crack, bubble, peel, or curl and provide years of messaging for your service communities. During the manufacturing process, in mold graphics are placed in the mold prior to the injection of the lid. As the hot melted plastic is injected into the mold, the IML is surrounded by the hot melted plastic becoming part of the injection molded lid.

Over the years SSI SCHAEFER has had much success with In-Mold Labels collaborating and partnering with the right graphics companies to assure that the IML is of the highest standards and quality.

Waste cart options like in-mold labeling (IML) enable easy-to-follow instructions for residents.