The Sales Platform for
Your Containers

Handle Container Services Digitally

Easyscip is your online shop for container orders that simplifies the day-to-day for you and your customers. That is because everything runs automatically using the optional DISPONDO function:

This is how Easyscip works:

  1. You define which containers you would like to offer at which conditions in which territory.
  2. Your customer selects the desired container and waste stream. In order for the customer to decide on a suitable container, they receive information on which waste can be allocated to the individual waste streams.
  3. The customer determines the place and time of delivery.
  4. You can offer either PayPal and/or invoices as payment options.
  5. Orders are automatically transferred to DISPONDO order management, which is used to plan the tour.
  6. The customer receives their order confirmation and detailed information on delivery and collection via the system.
  7. Your drivers receive the order with all data from the app on their handheld device and verify it after execution.

At a Glance – How You Benefit:

Additional Sales Channel

Have you only been able to accept orders for containers over the phone? Easyscip provides you with an additional sales channel so you can tap into new customer potential and make it easy for prospective customers to choose the right container. Generate orders around the clock – 24/7.

Clarity for Customers and Drivers

The system helps your customers to choose the right container. It immediately shows which container is suitable for which waste stream. In addition, all those who order online use a map view to specify where the container should be placed. This information is sent by app to your drivers, who can act according to the customer’s request.

Order Management Completely Covered

Orders you receive via Easyscip can be processed completely through the system – including route planning, commissioning your drivers via app and customer communication. This makes everyday life easy for your staff, ensuring smooth processes.