Your Complete Software
for the Waste Management Industry

A Wide Range of Possibilities

Our DISPONDO software lets you control all processes digitally in a single system:

At a Glance – How You Benefit:

A Single System for All Processes

Administration, planning, order management, communication – manage everything easily from DISPONDO. Once data has been stored in the system, it is available for all areas of application. Everything is networked to optimize your waste disposal management.

Absolute Transparency

DISPONDO creates clarity, enabling you to generate up-to-date reports on all relevant areas at any time and to track your vehicles and bins live. In this way, you are not only always well-informed, but can also quickly identify and take advantage of optimization potential.

Professional Customer Communication

Your customers expect a quick response when contacting you via online systems and competent information in the event of individual questions. DISPONDO automatically controls standardized customer communication processes and ensures that your employees can quickly find the answer to individual questions in the system.

Cloud-Based and User-Friendly

Do you want software that can be installed immediately, used in a mobile environment and that runs reliably without having to worry about updates and such? DISPONDO meets all these requirements and also works with a user-friendly interface that is intuitive to use. You and your employees have access to DISPONDO from anywhere thanks to the cloud-based system – whether on the road, in the office or from a home office.

Individually Adaptable

Every waste management company and every municipality has its own processes and procedures. That’s why we designed DISPONDO to be specifically adaptable to your process world. We flexibly create the DISPONDO that suits you from all modules.

Proof of Performance

Whether you are a waste management company or a municipality, your customers expect proof of services rendered. You can have DISPONDO generate that with a click at any time. This is where all the necessary data come together.

Quite Specifically – This Is Where DISPONDO Supports You

Intuitive bin management with integrated map function that visualizes which bins are used.

  • Process existing inventory and directly assign orders to bins
  • Bin-specific service history
  • Move bins manually and automatically from the warehouse to the field and back again
  • Link customers and addresses
  • Change routes and assign contract territory

Precisely plan in combination with live monitoring.

  • Extensive range of planning tools for distribution projects
  • Delivery process management
  • GPS data recording
  • Identification via barcode and RFID
  • Real-time performance monitoring in DISPONDO web

Regardless of where your bins are located, the integrated warehouse management provides a quick overview of your bin and container inventories.

  • Upload function for inventory records
  • Real-time inventory changes via DISPONDO MOBILE
  • Filter functions according to bin type, volume size and color
  • Set up different warehouses and assign a bin inventory

A central order management in one module for all orders.

  • Clear visibility of order origin (email, phone or shop system)
  • Interfaces to various shop systems and platforms
  • Integrated map functions to show the geographical position of work orders
  • Allocate work orders to existing customers
  • Create new customers for new work orders

User-friendly tool for real-time order transmission between office and field staff.

  • Allocate staff and work orders to trucks & vehicles
  • Filter functions for route types (e.g. RoRo, pick-ups and service work orders)
  • Visibility of the availability of vehicles and staff
  • Scheduling via drag & drop functions in the software
  • Customizable work order length to meet operational requirements

Our service verification features make completed and uncompleted collections quickly visible.

  • Filter and sort collections
  • Show exceptions
  • Schedule pickups at the next logical address from the database
  • Collections are allocated to existing bins
  • Review of commercial and private services
  • Live tracking of your vehicles

Create pickup and service districts in the office using our territory planning wizard.

  • Filter existing collection districts
  • Visualize bins and containers on maps
  • Optimize routes using intelligent truck-based algorithms
  • Account for speed and road restrictions

Import customer databases and manage orders and collections in one system.

  • Interfaces to ERP systems
  • Allocate bins and verify work orders, verify collections and customer data
  • Manage business performance data

Manage your entire staff in a single module.

  • Set up new team members
  • Assign qualifications
  • Store relevant due dates for driver’s licenses
  • Plan staff availabilities
  • Assign employee picture to profile
  • Staff deployment planning

Administer and manage your vehicle fleet. Keep track of your vehicles.

  • Set up new vehicles with specific functions
  • Group vehicles by type
  • Assign on-board systems to the vehicles
  • Allocate the bin types to the vehicles
  • Workshop and downtime planning
  • Store relevant inspection dates