Bulky Waste Portal

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Bulky Waste Portal

Organize Separate Collections Efficiently

Anyone wishing to dispose of bulky waste outside the regular collection schedule usually sends an email or calls it in. Each request is processed one-by-one – based on lists that are kept separately. The bulky waste portal digitizes the process so that it is automated:

At a Glance – How You Benefit:

Tie Up Less Capacity

Your staff is involved in many issues. The bulky waste portal relieves them of work and controls processes automatically.

All Data in One System

The bulky waste portal creates interfaces between municipalities, waste disposal companies and customers, and brings together all relevant data in one system. For optimal processes that benefit everyone.

Your Added Service to the Customer

Present yourself as a service-oriented partner and integrate the bulky waste portal onto your website. This will let all citizens quickly find the information they are looking for and allow them to conveniently arrange their bulky waste disposal online.