Service Packages To Meet All Your Needs
Bins, Digital Products and Financing Solutions

Customized Service Packages

Waste management has many facets. Our modular solution system offers you everything from a single source. Simply choose the package that best suits your company and flexibly add on modules as needed.

Bin Distribution and Return

The question comes up again and again in daily business: Do it yourself or outsource – which is more economical? In terms of bin distribution and return, everything speaks in favor of smart services from SSI Schaefer when it comes to efficiency. We handle the distribution and return for you at a fair price so that you can concentrate on your core competencies.

Renting Instead of Buying

Your waste management company has won a large project, and you are now faced with the challenge of having to invest large sums in the purchase of bins. We offer an interesting alternative: Renting instead of buying. With our bin rental service, you can meet your customers’ requirements without any financial risk and benefit from an easily calculable rate per month.

Smart Services

Service Packages

The right service package for every need – that’s what we offer to optimally set up your entire waste disposal management.

Bin Distribution

You tell us how many bins you need, what the timeframe is, which households they should be distributed to. We do it for you.

Bin Rental

Manageable and calculable risk, even when procuring large quantities of bins? No problem with our financing and rental service.

Bin Return

If your bins need to be collected again, we’ll do it for you – quickly, reliably and by handling everything that goes with it.