Bin Rental

Reduce Capital Expenditures,
Increase Order Opportunities

Bin Rental

Renting Instead of Buying

In areas where you, the waste management company, are responsible for providing the bins, a significant investment is required before you see an initial return. This ties up money that is not available for future investments. At the same time, you take a financial risk: because a complete depreciation of the bins over the usual contract period cannot be itemized. However, if you include this risk in your bid, you may not be awarded the contract. The solution to this dilemma is: renting instead of buying.

  • You rent the bins from SSI Schaefer Vermietungsgesellschaft
  • We do the distribution for you
  • With clever vehicle technology, each bin location can be automatically determined and managed via DISPONDO

At a Glance – How You Benefit:

Keep Your Initial Investment Low

Buying all the bins for a waste disposal area equates to a high initial investment with an uncertain return on investment. That is because this only happens if you also receive the follow-up orders. You avoid this risk with our rental service.

Submit Competitive Bids

When bidding for projects, price always plays an important role in addition to your performance. If you decide to use our rental service, you do not have to calculate the total purchase cost of the bins and can therefore offer more favorable prices.

Always Optimally Equipped

As a rule, the contract is awarded on a temporary basis. That also means: If you purchase additional bins today, but the follow-up order fails to materialize, you’ll have assets in your yard that you can’t work with. Our rental service ensures that you always have access to the exact number of bins you need.

Lower Rent for Follow-Up Orders

We have designed our rental model so that it pays off for you even if you win both the first and the follow-up contracts. If the rental period continues, the rental price is reduced. In this way, we help you achieve your economic goals.

We Know Your Business

Financing instead of using cash to purchase bins – your bank will also support you in this, of course. But: We know your business and offer you not only bins and everything that goes with them, but also comprehensive solutions from a single source. An added value from which you benefit in every respect.