Bins and Everything Related to Them

When it comes to waste disposal, it’s not just about the right bins for each waste stream and disposal situation. Instead, it is always about the overall management of your bins and containers. We provide you with comprehensive support.

In addition to our wide range of plastic bins and steel containers, we offer you the right digital solutions for professional bin management. Among other things, they help you determine relevant data, optimize routes and collection routines, and increase efficiency. In the background is DISPONDO – our software solution for your comprehensive operations management, which is always working for you.

Sensors and Vehicle Systems That Understand Each Other

Sensors and geo-trackers, which we are happy to attach to your bins for you, automatically report filling levels and locations to your system. So you are always well informed. You can use transponders that our vehicle systems read for you to identify each bin equipped with them and, for example, to collect data relevant for billing to use with user-based concepts (“pay-as-you-throw”).

DISPONDO collects all the information – including what your employees report using a handheld device. This ensures that you have a sound and comprehensive database for your successful waste disposal management.

Our Products



From plastic bins for private households to specially equipped containers for specific requirements and cleverly designed variants for use at municipal collection points – we have the right bin for you.


Vehicle Systems

Identifying bins, weighing waste, recording events quickly and easily on the go at the push of a button, using camera images – our vehicle systems do it all for you.


Smart Devices

Our robust handheld devices let you issue work orders easily, digitally and smartly, and you can follow the implementation live. Our bin sensors and trackers keep you informed about filling levels and locations.