Plastic and Steel Bins for All Waste Streams and Requirements High-Quality, Robust and with Smart Features

High Quality, Great Variety

Waste bins are a major part of everyday life – used by private households and businesses or at central collection points. So, they must be stable, user-friendly and work for a long time without malfunctions. Our bins and containers do just that and are available in many styles and sizes. On request, we can also equip them to help leverage efficiency potential as part of a digitally controlled waste disposal management system. This is because we think holistically and offer you comprehensive solutions from a single source – everything from bins to operations management software.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

To protect nature and the climate, we rely on environmentally friendly production processes, and 90% of the material we use to manufacture SSI Schaefer plastic bins is high-quality recycled material. In addition to the recycled post-consumer polyethylene plastic, we also incorporate environmentally compatible processing aids and UV stabilizers. We obtain all raw materials from certified suppliers. As a visible sign of resource conservation and sustainability par excellence, upon request, we can also offer our 60-360 liter waste and recycling bins with the “Blue Angel” environmental seal.

Our Bin Types, Your Choice:

Waste and Recycling Bins Made of Plastic: 60-360 liters

We offer three types of bins for classic waste disposal in municipalities and industrial plants. Choose from numerous product variants.

Waste Bins Plastic: 660-1,100 liters

Large waste containers (MGB) made of plastic not only offer you a large capacity, but are also simply practical in terms of handling.

Steel Bins and Containers

Our steel bins are ideally suited for use at public collection points or for disposing of substances that contain oil or that are at risk of fire.

Smart Bins

RFID chips, alphanumeric numbers and QR codes on the bin make interaction between citizens, waste disposal companies and municipalities easier.

Blue Angel

The Blue Angel guarantees that products and services meet high standards in terms of environmental, health and usage properties.


Spare parts, accessories and the innovative SMART BOX for the safe receipt of goods and packages without having to accept delivery in person – you will find everything here.