Steel Bins and Containers

Universal and Resistant

Steel Bins and Containers

Count on Stability for Large Volume Disposal

No matter whether our steel bins and containers are at central collection points, on company or office premises, or on private ground – when large volumes or loads have to be handled during disposal, the bins from SSI Schaefer impress with their performance and well-thought-out design. We also have the right solutions for you when it comes to handling substances that contain oil or are a fire hazard See for yourself and get acquainted with our galvanized steel bins and containers:

Let Us Introduce You to Our Steel Bins and Containers:

2-wheeled steel bins

We offer our 2-wheeled steel bins for special requirements in two variants: The Oleocont® special bin lets you safely dispose of oily waste. The GMT 240 steel bin is ideal for use in fire hazard areas.

MGB Steel

Versatile in use, absolutely robust and standard version equipped with the patented child safety lock on the lid – our large waste containers made of steel meet the classic requirements for easy and safe collection and disposal of large quantities and loads.


The lightweight option among the SSI SCHAEFER steel bins is the Modultainer®. This makes it particularly user-friendly. Many equipment variants ensure that it can be used in all areas of waste disposal and recycling collection.


Our depotcontainers are designed in a modular way, so that you can use them very flexibly for the central collection of waste glass, waste paper & similar.. In addition, thanks to the simple emptying process, you will enjoy 66 % greater efficiency relative to other systems.

Front Loading Containers

Robust steel body, lightweight plastic lid and a general operating system that is trouble-free and does not require maintenance – our front loading containers stand for solidity and reliability.

Dischargeable Containers

Especially when disposing of large-format or heavy waste, users attach great importance to easy-to-use containers. The dischargeable container is impressive across the board and also offers reliable stability.


With the INNIVO underground system, recycling collection containers can disappear below ground. Everything is clean all around. We can provide you with everything you need from a single source: containers, lifting device for emptying and extensive services.