Waste and Recycling Containers Made of Steel

Safe and Practical

Steel Waste Containers: MGB 1,100 liters

Impressively Durable, Absolutely Stable

It is important for large waste containers made of steel to be robust, durable, flexible in use and safe – in any location. Our MGB containers meet these requirements in every respect.

At a Glance – How You Benefit:

Standard Equipment with Child Lock

All EU countries require the use of safety lids with a child safety lock in accordance with DIN EN 840. We have made this part of the standard equipment. Ergonomically arranged release buttons allow for easy opening.


Our MGB containers are made of sheet steel, galvanized in a full bath and therefore non-combustible. That is why they are safely used in fire hazard areas such as workshops and industrial plants.

Maximum Compatibility

No matter what disposal vehicles or press containers are used for emptying – if they are equipped with a standard dumping device in accordance with EU directives, emptying works smoothly.

Select Your Special Equipment: