Innovative and Space-Saving

INNIVO – The Clever Underground System

Well Designed Overall Concept, Comprehensive Service

When it comes to space-saving waste disposal in public areas, the INNIVO underground system delivers convincing performance right down the line. We are your one-stop provider of not only the relevant containers and lifting equipment that you need, but also all the corresponding services.

At a Glance – How You Benefit:

Clean Solution

The waste disappears underground, no liquid escapes during the emptying process, and there is no or very little odor and vermin infestation. The risk of fire is also significantly reduced with this system.

Quick Emptying

The INNIVO containers are emptied with an overhead console with a lifting device. The containers are picked up automatically and can be emptied quickly. The controlled dumping and the low drop height of the material protect the loader.

Easy Operation

Access to the INNIVO container system is barrier-free and the drop-in height is low. The containers also offer an impressive ease of movement, making disposal easy for users.

Aesthetically Pleasing

INNIVO contributes to a beautiful streetscape. Not only because the large steel containers are located underground, but also thanks to the high-quality design of the drop-in chutes.

Learn About the INNIVO Components: