Front Loading Containers

User-Friendly and Reliable

Front Loading Containers 1.75–8.0 m3

Excellent Quality, Designed for Low Maintenance

The robust front loading containers made of galvanized sheet steel cut a fine figure in both the municipal and private waste disposal industries. They are absolutely stable and work without maintenance or malfunctioning.

At a Glance – How You Benefit:

Ease of Use

The lids of our front loading containers are made of plastic and easy to use. The low filling height also contributes to users appreciating this type of container as particularly user-friendly.

Long Service Life

To ensure that you can use your containers for a long time, we placed great importance on high-quality materials and thoroughly solid construction. All the side walls have vertical beading. A circumferential profile contributes to even more dimensional stability.

Efficient Disposal

Reducing staff requirements equates to lower costs. That’s why we’ve designed our front loading containers so they can be emptied by one person.

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