Well Designed and Flexible

Depotcontainers – for Central Waste and Recycling Collection 1.6–5.0 m3

One System, Many Possible Applications

Whether you require a container for used glass, waste paper, light packaging material, used textiles, residual waste or electronic scrap, the SSI SCHAEFER depotcontainers let you collect recyclables at central locations. You can even have up to three waste streams in one container if needed. We have integrated partition walls for exactly this purpose – allowing you to properly sort and recycle. Besides that, the tremendous flexibility of our depotcontainers is also impressive.

At a Glance – How You Benefit:

Modular Basic System

Our depotcontainers are modular in design, allowing them to be converted quickly and easily. The integrated partitions make it possible to turn one collection chamber into two or three. In addition, you can easily replace apertures. Our product line includes one for paper, one for glass and one for used textiles.

66 % more efficient

The simple and fast emptying process with our depotcontainers increases efficiency by 66 %: While approx. 12 standard depotcontainers are typically emptied in one hour, an excellent number of 20 SSI SCHAEFER depotcontainers can be emptied in the same time.

Low Transport Volume

Depotcontainers are large by nature. However, since the smallest possible volume is more favorable in every respect for transport, we offer the 3.2 m3-container upon request for simple bolting together on site. The transport volume is reduced by 70 %; you save costs and – if a part needs to be removed later on – you can even do it yourself.

Unique Noise Insulation

We have equipped our depotcontainers with a highly efficient noise insulation system: Elastic rubber aperture flaps and insulating mats in the area of the top also help to effectively reduce noise, as does the foam on the sides and bottom along with plastic-sheathed drop brakes.

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