Smart Bins

Communicative and Interactive

Smart Features for Your Bins

Identify Clearly, Learning More

Allowing citizens, waste disposal companies and municipalities to better communicate with each other and benefit from information advantages. These features turn your SSI Schaefer bins into smart bins:

Learn About Our Smart Features:

RFID Label for Identification

A UHF RFID label on the handlebar allows your appropriately equipped vehicles to clearly identify bins. This way, data is collected automatically – for example, to allow optimized route planning or billing with municipalities.

Serial Numbers for Communication

A plain text number lasered onto the bin facilitates communication between citizens, waste disposal companies and the municipality. This lets everyone involved know which particular bin is being handled.

QR Code

Do you want to be able to send your customers directly to web store packages, on-demand services, a web portal for citizens or information that can be used online? We create the QR code that links to your website and attach it onto the bin by laser.