Waste and Recycling Bins Made of Plastic

Durable and Robust

Waste and Recycling Bins Made of Plastic 60-360 liters

Carefully Thought-Out, Durable Design

With our extensive range of bins we are sure to find the right waste and recycling bin for every requirement. We will be happy to review your needs, provide your bins with the logo or coat of arms of your city on request and fit them with accessories based on your wishes. From lockable bins to targeted noise reduction and foot pedal lid openers – so much is possible. Let’s talk about it. There is one thing you can always rely on: the highest and consistently tested SSI SCHAEFER quality.

Let Us Introduce You to Our Plastic Bins With a Capacity of 60-360 Liters:

PRO Wave

The PRO Wave bin is cleverly designed and produced to be gentle on resources, helping to permanently reduce CO2 consumption. Another plus: easy handling thanks to the optimized weight.

GMT eXtra

Our classic large waste bin is tailor-made for efficient waste disposal in municipalities and industrial plants. Robustly manufactured, our GMT eXtra bins can be used for many waste streams.


You only need one person to empty our DIAMOND bins – the one driving the vehicle. The system and bin do the rest on their own: safely, reliably, and up to 20% faster than with classic processes.