PRO Wave

Gentle on Resources and Ergonomic

PRO Wave Waste Bin with Comb Bars 60–240 liters

Optimized Use of Materials, Maximum Quality

PRO Wave represents a completely new generation of bins that we have to offer – gentle on resources, robust and easy to handle.

We use innovative production technology to achieve maximum stability with a minimum use of resources. This means that we can save CO2 right from production. The low dead weight of the PRO Wave series also noticeably reduces fuel consumption in your collection vehicles.

The continuous wave contour and the special bottom design not only make the PRO Wave unique, but also provide the high stability that is important to you for good reason.


At a Glance – How You Benefit:

Optimized Weight

Pro Wave is lightweight and simultaneously impressive with the highest degree of stability. We achieve this unique combination with a modern production process that employs state-of-the-art machinery and a multi-injection process.

Easy Handling

The unmistakable wave design and ergonomic concept make PRO Wave a real eye-catcher while ensuring easy handling. The practical integrated foot pedal and the angled lid handles also play their part.

Lower Costs

The low bin weight of the PRO Wave also benefits your collection vehicles: It results in less wear during emptying or dumping and reduces fuel consumption. You save twice. With the ability to stack PRO Wave bins very high, saving space is yet another particular benefit.

High Stability

The robustness of the PRO Wave is also impressive across the board: The bins are UV-stabilized, have profiled side walls all around and are equipped with a tempered steel axle. The external undercarriage supports the high stability.

Digitally Enabled Bin

A chip nest makes it easy to integrate data carriers such as transponders to identify and weigh your bins. Naturally, retrofitting is possible at a later date. Ask us about this option.

Choose Your PRO Wave Bin: