Waste and Recycling Bins Made of Plastic

Large and Safe

Large Waste Bins 660-1,100 liters

Maximum Quality, Long Service Life

Large capacity, easy handling – this defines the SSI SCHAEFER large waste bins – our waste bins made of plastic. They are suitable for any use in the waste and recycling collection, and their high-quality workmanship is impressive.

1100 FD Kombi-Deckel

  • Einfaches, ergonomisches Öffnen des Deckels aus jeder Position dank zweigeteiltem Deckel und Griffen auf jeder Seite sowie zwei vorderen Griffen
  • Alle Komponenten sind recyclebar und können in den Wertstoffkreislauf zurückgeführt werden
  • Einwurf eines 50 l Müllsacks möglich durch einfaches Öffnen des vorderen Deckels. Das große Einwurfmaß beträgt ca. 1.130 x 290 mm
  • Große Kennzeichnungsflächen sowohl auf dem vorderen (280 x 170 mm) als auch hinteren (280 x 115 mm) Deckel
  • Kennzeichnungsfläche auf der Vorderseite (530 x 290 mm)
  • Individuelle Konfiguration mit allen bekannten Produktoptionen z. B. Schlösser, Einwurfsysteme oder Personalisierung, problemlos möglich

At a Glance – How You Benefit:

High Load Capacity

Our large plastic bins are manufactured using high-quality materials and by applying compact injection molding, functionally designed and diligently processed. This means that they can withstand the highest mechanical loads for many years without any problems. Even frost, heat and chemicals cannot damage them.

Easy Handling

Large bins also mean more weight when filled. To ensure that our large waste bins are still easy to handle and maneuver, we have equipped them with single rotating solid rubber-tired wheels and ergonomically mounted handles.

Maximum Compatibility

No matter what disposal vehicles are used for emptying – if they are equipped with a standard dumping device in accordance with EU directives, emptying works smoothly.

Simple Retrofitting

Data carriers such as transponders employed to identify and weigh waste can be easily integrated via a chip nest. Retrofitting is also an option. Ask us about this option.

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