GMT eXtra

Versatile and Efficient

GMT eXtra Large Waste Bin With Comb Bar 120–240 liters

Robustly Crafted, Versatile

GMT eXtra is the classic large waste bin for efficient waste disposal in municipalities and industrial plants. The bin is an impressive option with a large pickup volume combined with easy handling and effective noise insulation.

Additional ribbing on the upper edges, the comb strip and a reinforced bottom give GMT eXtra high stability.

At a Glance – How You Benefit:

Quick Emptying

Modern emptying and dumping systems simply work faster. Our GMT eXtra models are ideally suited for this application and meet all requirements. For example, a larger number of support ribs and the resulting enlarged support surface make it easier to pick up the bins.

Enormous Stability

The GMT eXtra has a particularly robust design and achieves enormous stability thanks to vertically running stiffeners at the front and rear of the bin. The wheel housing and wheel bearings also have a reinforced design, and the axle is made of tempered steel. The external undercarriage ensures a high degree of stability.

Wide Range of Variants

The right bin for every need: In addition to the GMT eXtra standard models, we offer a wide range of equipment options – including optimal ventilation and secure document shredding.

Digitally Enabled Bin

A chip nest, which can also be retrofitted at a later date, can be integrated to accommodate data carriers such as transponders for identifying and weighing the waste. We will gladly provide you with more detailed information.

Select Your GMT eXtra Special Equipment: