Innovative and Powerful

DIAMOND Waste Bin with Lifter
60-360 liters

Empty Faster, Work More Efficiently

This is how waste disposal works today: The vehicle drives to the DIAMOND bin, picks it up on its own with the DIAMOND lifter, locks the bin for safe emptying, and then sets it back down. Futuristic? It’s already a reality today!

With DIAMOND lifters, bins are emptied up to 20% faster than the conventional way – with only one person driving the vehicle and reliable protection against malfunctions or accidents. By the way: If you are already using our GMT eXtra bins, they can be easily retrofitted with the Diamond system.

At a Glance – How You Benefit:

Quick Emptying

DIAMOND lifters and DIAMOND bins are the perfect team because the bin centers itself when picked up, making it possible for them to be emptied 20% faster than conventional bins. The easy handling provides for trouble-free processes.

High Stability

Waste bins must be stable. DIAMOND bins fit the bill in this respect as well. An axle made of hardened steel and the external undercarriage guarantee high stability.

Less Staff Required

To empty the DIAMOND bins, you only need one person – the one driving the vehicle. Everything else is done by the lift and bin system itself.

Safe Work

The perfect locking of the DIAMOND bins during pick-up ensures a secure and tight hold. This reliably protects both people and bins from accidents.

Simple Retrofitting

Data carriers such as transponders employed to identify and weigh waste can be easily integrated via a chip nest – even retroactively. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs with you.

Digitally Enabled Bin

A chip nest, which can also be retrofitted at a later date, can be integrated to accommodate data carriers such as transponders for identifying and weighing the waste. We will gladly provide you with more detailed information.

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