Intelligent and Intuitive

Package and Goods Handling With SMART BOX

Convenient Delivery, Secure System

Whether you are in a private, corporate or construction site environment, it is simply practical to have goods and packages available at any time. Our SMART BOX lets you now receive and provide the products you need around the clock without having to be there in person. Shipping service providers as well as suppliers, customers and employees can easily and securely drop off and pick up packages and goods.

At a Glance – How You Benefit:

Insert Goods and Packages at Any Time

Around the clock and regardless of whether someone on site can receive the goods or the package – SMART BOX makes you independent. And if you have a return or want to make goods available within the company, simply use the app to arrange a pickup appointment and place the package in the SMART BOX on time.

Reliable Security

The intelligent ParcelLock locking system ensures that delivered goods and packages awaiting pick-up are kept safe in the SMART BOX. Access and removal control possible via TAN function or key.

Up-to-Date Information

You will always be informed via smartphone when goods and packages have been delivered or picked up.

Many Package Service Providers

Whether it is DPD, GLS or Hermes – many renowned package service providers work with this clever SMART BOX system.

Customized Design

To ensure that the SMART BOX simply fits well in the place where it is installed, you can design it according to your wishes. Discreet or fancy design – you decide.

Select Your SMART BOX: