Vehicle Systems

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Vehicle Systems

Easily Collect Data on the Road

Our vehicle solutions make it possible to perfectly equip your vehicles to collect and transmit valuable data to your DISPONDO operations management system. Thanks to our vehicle systems, you can automate:

At a Glance – How You Benefit:

Optimize Existing Routes

DISPONDO records all bin changes, for example due to new placement or removal, and always calculates the optimal route for your collection based on the current bin database.

Your Contact, Efficient and In-Person

Your local contact person is always there for you, knows our systems as well as your issues and supports you quickly and reliably.

Plan New Routes

Are you handling new territory and do your drivers not know the routes yet? DISPONDO uses bin identification via our vehicle systems to create the optimal route for you and play it to your drivers on the display in the vehicle cockpit.

Holistic Solutions From a Single Source

SSI Schaefer is your partner for the entire waste disposal management and offers you the operation management system DISPONDO, our smart services and our vehicle systems so you have a complete solution for all processes, where everything works hand-in-hand and runs smoothly.

Demonstrate Performance and Recycling Rates

If you have agreed to performance-based billing with contractees or have to prove recycling rates, our weighing systems make life easy for you. You determine the relevant data so that you can share it in a processed form. BSI certified on request. BSI certified on request.

In Detail – Our Vehicle Systems

Onboard Unit with Display

The heart of our systems is the onboard computer, which is integrated into your vehicles

  • Windows-based (enables processing of billing-relevant data according to BSI standard) or Linux-based
  • GPS or 4G antenna for receipt of bin data
  • Display in the vehicle cockpit, which can be used to record events and import routes

Identification System

Automatically identify bins when emptying and transmit data for proof of emptying

  • Contactless data exchange between bin and vehicle over longer (UHF) or shorter (LF) distances
  • Can be used for all types of vehicles: rear loader, side loader and front loader

Weighing Systems

Determine all necessary data for billing

  • Vehicle body scale: determines the total weight of the vehicle including load
  • Bin scale: the bins to be emptied are weighed during emptying

Camera System

Recordings from the field generated in conformity with data protection legislation and available for a limited time.

  • Camera mounted on the front or rear of the vehicle
  • Recordings at 10-second intervals that can be requested for specific reasons, for example to check complaints or to track accident events

Push-Button Box

For easy recording of events by your workers

  • Box with six freely assignable keys
  • For quick documentation of predefined events or tasks (e.g. defect, number of waste bags) at the touch of a button
  • Free positioning on the vehicle