Determine and Use All Data Related to Your Bin:

Quick and Easy With Our Smart Devices

Modern bin management is based on data that creates transparency and lets you design logistics processes, workflows and communication with customers more efficiently. Our smart devices make it easy for you to record such data and keep it up to date. Mobile handheld devices, sensors and geo-trackers provide you with information on bin locations, any problems with emptying and data on container filling levels, for example. As a result, you have everything in view at all times and can design processes optimally.

Handheld Devices for Your Staff

Your staff is on the road with disposal vehicles every day – now you can see which bins have been filled improperly, why emptying is not possible right now, which bins are damaged and much more. Our handheld devices let these staff members quickly and easily record this information, assign it to each specific bin using the scan function, and send it directly to your DISPONDO operations management system.

Sensors and Geo Trackers for Your Bins

Our intelligent bins know automatically when they need to be emptied. That is why we equip them with filling level sensors. They send a daily message to DISPONDO, which uses the information to automatically calculate the optimal collection route for you. You can always keep track of the exact location of your bins with our geo trackers.

Handheld Devices

Our robust handheld devices direct your employees on the optimal routes and can collect data at the same time, which helps you to make your processes even more efficient.

Bin Sensors and Geo Trackers

Our sensors report which bins need to be emptied and when. Geo trackers ensure that you keep a close eye on bin locations at all times.