Transmit Data and Information via Handheld Device

From the Daily Routine Directly to the System

Handheld Devices

Robust Communication Aids

In order to make processes even more efficient and to be informed about the condition and location of your bins at all times, you always need up-to-date data. Your staff can conveniently collect the data on their daily routes with the help of our handheld devices. The principle is simple: Using the app on the handheld devices, you specify which information or events are to be recorded. For example: defective, overloaded, improperly filled or inaccessible bins, or a required bin replacement.

If one of these events occurs, your staff member can select it intuitively using the touch function, scan the bin, add notes, information or pictures, if required, and transfer the data in real time to your DISPONDO waste management system.

In addition, you can use the app not only to send targeted orders to your staff, but also to track and document the order status digitally so that you are always informed about the current status.

In Detail: This Is What Sets Our Handheld Devices Apart

Flexible Data Collection

Regardless of whether your bins are SSI Schaefer bins with RFID chips or you work with barcodes, QR codes or OCR technology – our handhelds support all systems.

Robust, User-Friendly, Cost-Effective

The handheld devices are designed to be extremely rugged, featuring bulletproof glass and rubber sheathing, and require little maintenance. User guidance via touch screen is simple and intuitive. In our solution, we placed great emphasis on the cost-benefit ratio.

Individually Configurable

You select which events are to be recorded or which actions are to be performed via the app. For example, you can also organize the distribution of bins through it.

You Can Choose:

Our handheld devices are available in two versions. You can choose between: