Filling Level Sensors and
Geo Trackers

For Optimal Capacity Utilization
and More Transparency

Two Application Areas, One Principle

We offer two types of bin sensors:

Filling Level Sensors on Recycling Containers

Do you want to optimize emptying cycles of publicly accessible bins and maximize the utilization of your disposal vehicles? We can support you in this:

  • Integrated filling level sensors automatically detect the filling level of the container
  • The filling level message is transmitted digitally
  • On this basis, the system determines optimal emptying times and dynamic vehicle routes
  • You can maximize the utilization of your vehicles, reduce personnel costs and transport more recyclables in less time
  • At the same time you prevent the pollution of collection points

Geo-Tracking for Containers

Your large-volume containers – for example, construction waste containers – are always in use at different locations. They are often emptied at different unloading points. We help you to keep the overview:

  • The geo trackers that your containers are fitted with report their location to the system at least once a day
  • So you always know exactly where which container is located
  • You get clues for inventory optimization
  • You can even calculate and prove container rent based on tracking data

In Detail: This Is What Sets Our Bin Sensors Apart

All Bins and Containers Available With Sensors

Would you like to use bins or containers with filling level sensors or geo trackers in the future? Then it is best to select this equipment right away when you place your order.

Retrofitting Possible

We would also be happy to retrofit the bins and containers you are currently using with our sensors. Let’s talk!