Blue Angel

The test seal for environmentally friendly products

To protect our environment

What is behind the Blue Angel?

The question on many consumers’ minds is, “What else is safe to buy?” With every purchase of a product or service, you decide directly or indirectly about burdens on water, soil, air or your own health. In order to base your purchasing decisions on environmental considerations, you need reliable and trustworthy information about the environmental and health effects of a product.

This is exactly where the Blue Angel helps you. The Blue Angel guarantees that products and services meet high standards in terms of environmental, health and usage properties. The entire life cycle must always be considered in the assessment. For each product group, criteria are developed that products and services labeled with the Blue Angel must meet. To reflect technical developments, the Federal Environment Agency reviews the criteria every three to four years. In this way, companies are required to make their products ever more environmentally friendly.

PRO WAVE & Blue Angel

Resource conservation and sustainability per excellence:

  • At least 90 % recycled content
  • Very low container weight additionally saves resources
  • CO2 avoidance