SCHAEFER experts work closely with industry associations.

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It is our privilege to work closely with industry colleagues and associations who wish to give back to the communities we serve.

Our team members have decades of experience and this is why SCHAEFER is happy to help.

SCHAEFER builds valuable relationships and delivers industry insights to our client base helping them make informed business decisions utilizing best-practices.

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National Waste & Recycling Association

National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA)

The National Waste & Recycling Association is the trade association representing private-sector U.S. waste and recycling companies, as well as the manufacturers and service providers that do business with those companies.


Women’s Council

The NWRA Women’s Council fosters the professional development of women in the waste industry while striving to increase their business, financial and leadership skills through education, workshops, mentoring, and networking.

Womens Council

Future Industry Leaders Alliance (FILA)

The Future Industry Leaders Alliance (FILA)

The Future Industry Leaders Alliance (FILA) provides education, networking with a nationwide group of industry leaders, and mentoring to future leaders to prepare them for executive advancement and professional leadership in the waste and recycling industry.


Environmental Research & Education Foundation Association

Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF)

EREF funds and directs scientific research and educational initiatives for waste management practices to benefit industry participants and the communities they serve. As the leading educational institution association, EREF lights a clear path, through research and education, to translate ideas into action for sustainable waste management practices.

Connecticut Recyclers Coalition

Connecticut Recyclers Coalition (CRC)

The Connecticut Recyclers Coalition (CRC) is the Nutmeg State’s foremost organization for professionals and citizens involved with recycling, composting and other aspects of sustainable materials management. The CRC includes businesses, corporations, institutions, nonprofits, government entities and private individuals among its members, all joined by a common interest in creating effective and robust recycling programs in Connecticut.

Massachusetts Municipal Association

Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA)

For 40 years, the Massachusetts Municipal Association has been bringing municipal officials together to articulate a clear and united municipal message, to develop and advocate for unified policies, and to share information and work together to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of municipal service delivery.

PA Independent Waste Haulers Association

PA Independent Waste Haulers Association (PIWHA)

The Pennsylvania Independent Waste Haulers Association provides a platform for the small, independent hauler to be heard concerning the effect of regulations upon their ability to compete in the highly regulated and competitive field of waste collection, handling and disposal. Any independent business person operating in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with a connection to the solid waste disposal industry is welcome and encouraged to join us.

Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania

Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP)

The Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP) is an association of recycling and organics professionals. Our member’s primary responsibility is to work with residents, commercial establishments, haulers, and vendors to make sure that material designated for the recycling market is collected cleanly and efficiently. Ensuring that all the moving components of a recycling program run as a well-oiled machine requires both technical knowledge and the art of diplomacy.

North Dakota Solid Waste & Recycling Association

North Dakota Solid Waste & Recycling Association (NDSWRA)

Established in 1996, The North Dakota Solid Waste and Recycling Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the latest news in solid waste management and recycling in North Dakota. Our mission is to educate, train, and promote environmentally sound waste management practices.

The Solid Waste Association of North America

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) is an organization of more than 10,000 public and private sector professionals committed to advancing from solid waste management to resource management through their shared emphasis on education, advocacy and research. For more than 50 years, SWANA has been the leading association in the solid waste management field. SWANA serves industry professionals through technical conferences, certifications, publications and a large offering of technical training courses.

Montana Solid Waste Contractors, Inc.

Montana Solid Waste Contractors, Inc. (MSWC)

The Montana Solid Waste Contractors is a trade association representing private industry engaged in solid waste collection, recycling and disposal in Montana.

Oregon Refuse & Recycling Association

Oregon Refuse & Recycling Association (ORRA)

Oregon Refuse & Recycling Association (ORRA) is a 200 member voluntary association of solid waste management companies and businesses which specialize in offering equipment and services important to the industry. Founded in 1965 to advance the efficiencies of collecting and processing recyclables and solid waste, ORRA provides legislative advocacy, education, group insurance, meeting facilities and advice on regulatory matters to its members.

California Refuse Recycling Council

California Refuse Recycling Council (CRRC)

Legislative and Regulatory Representation. CRRC is the voice of the sold waste industry in Sacremento, their professional lobbying staff represents the interest of refuse companies. CRRC is a valuable resource tool for our company’s efforts in the solid waste management field. Gives you the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other similar companies and members.

Southern District:
Northern District:

Southern California Waste Management Forum

Southern California Waste Management Forum (SCWMF)

The Southern California Waste Management Forum (SCWMF) is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization dedicated to advancing knowledge of the interrelationship between waste management practices and the environment. Originally organized in August 1969 as the Los Angeles Regional Forum. The Forum is the natural outgrowth of a series of meetings between representatives of concerned public and private agencies who saw a need to protect the environment while meeting the solid, liquid and hazardous waste collection and disposal requirements of the community.

Detachable Container Association

Detachable Container Association (DCA)

To advance the waste industry’s knowledge of the handling and recycling of waste by exploring new technology, methods, and equipment on a global basis.

American Public Works Association

American Public Works Association (APWA)

The American Public Works Association is a nonprofit, professional association of public works agencies, private companies, and individuals dedicated to promoting professional excellence and public awareness through education, advocacy and the exchange of knowledge.

Northeast Recycling Council

NortheastRecycling Council (NERC)

NERC’s vision is a world in which waste is minimized and natural resources are conserved. Its mission is to minimize waste, conserve natural resources, and advance a sustainable economy through facilitated collaboration and action.