About Schaefer Plastics

Schaefer Plastics is an industry-leading provider of innovative waste management solutions.

Founded in 1937, Schaefer Systems International, Inc. is a leading supplier of innovative automation systems, integrated warehouse management technology, and storage solutions for various industries.


Schaefer Plastics North America, LLC is part of the SSI SCHAEFER Group, a global leader in intralogistics, material handling solutions, and waste technology. For over three decades, our dedicated team has manufactured durable, reliable waste and recycling carts so you can enjoy cleaner and safer communities. 

Not only do our innovative waste management solutions improve performance for haulers but it also provides accountability and accuracy for municipalities. This can also help minimize the environmental impact with its high freight capacity.  In turn, this level of quality in our products ensures a high return on investment and a low cost of ownership.

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Q Series Waste & Recycling Carts


Looking for a high-quality recycling or waste cart for your customers? Schaefer Plastics is one of the most respected and innovative manufacturers and distributors of waste technology products in the world.


Intuitive RFID asset management tools are integrated with mapping functionality for an easy visual of deployed assets. With tools like WISTAR ONE,  it’s easy to modify existing assets, add work orders, and get specific cart service history and collection data.

  • Asset management
  • Fleet solutions
  • Service verification
  • Mobile app and devices
  • and MUCH more…


Schaefer Plastics has manufacturing facilities in both Charlotte, NC and Lodi, CA. Manufacturing capabilities include both injection molding and hot stamping. Each cart is manufactured according to ISO-9001 certification protocols and meets ANSI design standards—guaranteeing quality with every cart.

Over 2 million waste and recycling carts are produced annually and delivered on-time.