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Schaefer Plastics North America is the industry leading global manufacturer and distributor of waste technology products. Servicing municipalities, government agencies, and private haulers, our focus is on efficiency and sustainability. Offering commercial and residential waste and recycling carts, medical waste carts, and document security carts, many of our products are also equipped with WISTAR®, a comprehensive asset management software solution.

For over 40 years, our clients have enjoyed the consistent quality of our products and services. Learn more about how we can create a tailored solution for your organization.

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Municipalities / Government Agencies

Keeping neighborhoods, townships, and schools beautiful one cart at a time.

Sanitation Collection Solutions for Residents and Government Organizations.

Today, municipalities and education facilities need to find sustainable solutions for waste collection and recycling for tomorrow's future.
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Private Haulers

With next-day delivery on all our stock items, you'll be able to serve your customers quickly and reliably.

We Support Private Haulers Nationwide

Schaefer Plastics has long-term relationships with some of the largest fleets in the nation. Our team looks forward to helping your business succeed too.
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Schaefer Plastics has a complete product line of commercial containers to serve an array of businesses and commercial accounts.

Professional Industrial Grade Waste Containers

Our professional-grade containers are built to last. Choose from a front-load, rear-load, or a quad pocket design.
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Hospitals / Healthcare

Schaefer Plastics provides medical waste carts for the healthcare industries. From a local physician's office to a metropolitan hospital, our team can provide you with the SafeCart.

Store and ship Medical Waste Easily with SafeCart

Easy-to-roll two or four-wheel medical carts for pharmaceutical companies, practitioners, outpatient facilities, and healthcare clinics.
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Residential Communities

Schaefer Plastics works with municipalities to develop comprehensive waste programs that deliver long-term success.

We build relationships with cities and towns across America.

Our seasoned representatives can invest the time it takes to develop a comprehensive program that fits your needs.
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Secure Document Management Carts

Schaefer Plastics provides document security carts made for an array of industries including offices, healthcare, education, and highly sensitive business environments.

Rolling Document Security Carts from SSI SCHAEFER

Every business has sensitive data, and in today’s business environments, keeping that data safe is top of mind.
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Meet the Q-series

Delivering Both Quality and Quantity in Every Truckload

With a truckload capacity of 793 Q-Series carts per 53′ of truckload space. these carts are guaranteed to deliver quality and quantity in every truckload. 

Get the industry-leading truckload capacity you want with the product integrity you’ve come to trust in our residential waste and recycling carts.

The Q Cart from Schaefer Plastics delivers the quality that your customers expect, while offering municipalities and haulers more carts in every truckload. 

793 Q-series carts per 53' truckload



WISTAR® is the ultimate in end-to-end solution for asset management, service verification, and operational planning software.

  • Asset management
  • Fleet solutions
  • Service verification
  • Mobile app and devices
  • and MUCH more…


Medical Waste


Document Security

Document Security Cart with Lock in Green by SCHAEFER

Wildlife Resistant


Curbside Recycling

18-Gallon Curbside Recycling Bins
Waste Cart Assembly & Distribution


Let our assembly and distribution crews make your life easier. Our team will unload, build, and deliver carts to directly to resident homes. Schaefer Plastics provides daily updates of completion progress so you always know where your project stands.

AT Schaefer Plastics, IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU.

For over three decades, our dedicated team has manufactured durable, reliable waste carts so you can enjoy cleaner and safer communities.

We know our partners are core to our success, so our team is truly devoted to excellent customer service. Our technology solutions improve performance for haulers while providing accountability and accuracy for municipalities.

We minimize environmental impact with the highest freight efficiency and commitment to recycling. This level of quality ensures a high return on investment and a low cost of ownership.

We’re passionate about keeping promises and think of relationships as our most valuable assets.

Q Series Waste & Recycling Carts