Comprehensive Waste Disposal
Solutions from a Single Source

The key to successful waste disposal management lies in a comprehensive approach. After all, the greatest efficiency benefits are achieved if all the bins, vehicles, systems and services you use are optimally coordinated and digitally connected. We ensure exactly that and offer you complete solutions from a single source.

We put our expertise and experience from more than 70 years in the waste disposal business and close cooperation with municipalities and waste disposal companies all over the world to work for you. Our innovative power lets us support you in successfully shaping your future and promoting sustainable development.

High-Performance Bins, Digital Solutions and Customized Services

Your demands are our benchmark. That’s why we focus precisely on this and have set up our range of services so that you will always find the right solution. At the heart of this is our comprehensive operations management solution DISPONDO. It collects all the data you acquire on our smart bins and handheld devices as well as the SSI Schaefer vehicle systems. With it, disposal, administration, scheduling, customer management and personnel processes are conveniently managed.

We offer our bins and containers in many variants and equipment options. As a service, we are also happy to handle their distribution, rental and return for you and also offer you interesting rental solutions.

Powerful Performance in All Areas

Bins, Vehicle Systems, etc. etc.

You can find the right bins here – and even some with smart equipment for perfect interaction. Intelligent vehicle systems enable automatic container identification and much more.


With DISPONDO, we offer you a solution that allows you to efficiently manage all disposal management processes. Because our system is modular and flexible, we can customize it exactly to your requirements.

Smart Services

Review our digital solutions and services and select the ones you would like to use. We put together a complete package individually for you and ensure that nothing is left unaccounted for.

Our Excellence as a Key to Your Success

Innovation Driver

We have been your waste disposal management expert for more than 70 years. We know the topics that concern everyone worldwide as well as the challenges you face every day. We develop solutions that achieve success for both.

One Partner for Any Scenario

You can buy bins here, a system there, and the software from a third party. Or: You can rely on a closed system, one contact person and interfaces that work smoothly from the very start. We are happy to be your partner in all areas.

Maximum Transparency

If you want to improve your work processes, you must be able to soundly assess the initial situation. Data creates the transparency you need to identify optimization potential. We provide clarity – with our solutions.

Highest Efficiency

Automation and acceleration are two key levers on the path to greater efficiency. Our focus is on both, so we can offer products, solutions and services that help you minimize expenditures and maximize revenue.